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Meet the Team

Ewelina Kwinta

Operations Manager

Phone: +44 (0) 2920 020 657


Ewelina joined Pertemps ERP as her first office job after finishing her maths degree. She first worked as a resource consultants enjoying the challenge of finding the one candidate for the most niche jobs she could find.

Throughout her time in the company Ewelina has moved more and more into her admin job: When the London office closed, she successfully moved all the admin from London to Cardiff, she learned to do compliance and payroll and is now responsible for paying all of Pertemps’ contractors every week.

In 2014 she was promoted to Administration Manager and she is involved not only in her regular admin tasks but also trusted more and more with managerial jobs like doing forecasts and finding solutions for all sorts of problems that arise for Pertemps. In 2019 she has been promoted to Operations Manager and now runs her own team and looks after 2 other branches.

Ewelina is versatile and picks up new things very quickly but most importantly she is great at thinking outside the box solving problems her own unique way. She enjoys the challenge of a problem that no one else can figure out and she won’t give up until it is fixed. IT support, Payroll and Compliance, training new staff and just keeping everyone in the office sane when the WIFI has kicked everyone out of the system again Ewelina is the solution for everything.

In her free time, she likes walking her dog Mario and Coco, doing puzzles and reading books.